Planetoid Wolverine

his is the main base of the campaign, Wolverine where all the characters live. Located in orbit around Glisten, it is one of hundreds of Ancient-engineered asteroids in this system on the frontier. Currently, there are five known major Sites, plus multiple other places at the poles, and four main locations/homes on the planetoid :

  1. The Main Compound ( C ) (and the Seperate Bases)
  2. The Eagles Nest (E)
  3. The Horses Stable (S)
  4. The Bullpen (B)

The following characters dwell in their indicated locations as shown on Homebase :

  1. Baroness Devon (plus the Merc’s, and the Varger, at their own bases.)
  2. Souske “Boomer” Sagara plus his wife Diedre “Dee” Ardais. (and at times all Four of the girls, and any guests.)
  3. Tiberius Everett “Studd” Studd and his Paxman Darrin.
  4. William Virgil “Bull” Slaughter plus his wife Samantha Nova-Slaughter

Also at the Compound the gang has established a Merc Base for their hired Merc’s. There are 15 established Merc’s of different ranks and personalities – 1 Commander, 4 Officers and 10 (9) Enlisted men.

  • Commander Stegal
  • Pilot Silverbolt, Cbt Tactics Flint, Medic Red Alert, Cbt Engineer Live Wire
    Heavy Duty
    Ops [Dead]
    Road Block [Dead]
    First Aid
    Air Raid

There are also four Varger combat engineers living there in their own homestead.

  • Alpha Gravv “Gravv”
    Naoren “Ren”
    Gilnog “Gil”
    Zaraliz [Female] “Zara”

Plus on Aslan warrior, alone on some solitary quest for his own honor.

  • Rojet

Also, the gang has discovered that the planetoid is, in fact, a psionic AI starship of Ancient design. Places across the surface “repair” themselves if changed or damaged to a small degree. This has made the construction of the Lake on who’s shore Studd’s home is located problematic at best. The gang has discovered and explored several “locations” of Ancient design that are part of the starship.

Planetoid Wolverine

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