An asteroid system that is also the location of SuSAG Industries, a pharmacuticle corperation that fronts S & S Salvage in most of their endevours. It is also a subsector capitol with a tech level 15 plus a High Guard and a Scout base. Currently the Sector Senator and his office is dwelling here due to the Cybot invasion of Mora and it’s eventual evacuation.

It was/is the location of Dellamorte Academy, the upper-class campus where all Four of the Girls, and their friends, went to school for their education. The school colors are black and grey, and all students wear uniforms.

  • The school guard, Maria Thomas, keeps the school grounds safe and clear from any nosy intrusions.
    (A lot like Morticia Adams attitude wise.)
  • The Headmaster, Simon Leigh, is a tall man with an amusing sense of humor.
    (A lot like Gomez Adams attitude wise.)
  • The school nurse, Kristen Cook, is an older woman who is retired from the Imperial Guard.
    (A lot like Wednesday Adams attitude wise.)

Also, it is the location of GINA (Glisten Imperial Naval Academy), an upper-class university with the class of Harvard, or Yale. The Four currently go there, when not being home-schooled. The Countess Stephani Yates-Hortalez is the Headmistress there.


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