Inspiration Points

Every game awards 2IP (inspiration points) per character, possibly more depending on the adventure. Inspiration points can be used for various things, such as :

5IP = 1 Fate
(max Fate = INT / 3)
3IP = New Skill
Stats = CR x 5 [Current Rating]
Skills = CR x 3 [Current Rating]
(when letters are reached then actual time must be spent.)

Time periods for advancements are measured in ‘jumps’ rather than in weeks. A ‘jump’ is roughly equal to 2 months. (characters being too busy adventuring or entertaining themselves normally while on worlds, unless there are unusual circumstances)

Skill-0 is “Awareness” [Get to make a roll of dice]
Skill-1 is “Basic”
Skill-2 is “Expert”
Skill-3 is “Advanced”
Skill-4 is “Professional”
Skill-5 is “Master”

There are no limits as to the total number of skills or stats. However, any skill level over 5 is merely to aid in modifications.

’Fate points’ can be traded for ‘jumps’ at the rate of 1 Fate point = 2 jumps.

(example :
1 Fate point = 2 jumps = 4 months)
2 Fate points = 4 jumps = 8 months)
3 Fate points = 6 jumps = 12 months)

Fate points are not “burned”, but only “used” till the next game.

Fate Points

Fate points allow you to “alter the course of destiny”, which is a simple way of saying “No!! That didn’t happen!!”. If you “use” a Fate point, then you can re-roll the dice for another outcome. If you “burn” a Fate point, then you can chose the outcome you want. Fate points only affect you, and only in this time period. They don’t affect things that happened elsewhere, or elsewhen. Used Fate points are refilled at the start of the next game; burnt ones are gone and must be repurchased. Powerful NPC’s or NPC organizations can and do have Fate points, and they will use them if needed. (In other words, the story WILL go as planned at some dramatic points regardless of the amount of Fate points spent to alter it.)


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