S&S Salvage

The way things were (3)


360-002 [jump]
003-008 GLISTEN
Slaughter arrives at home and is welcomed. Rests and recovers. Miller takes job on Glisten. Stories are swapped and bragging right laid out. SuSAG and Samantha calls to hire crew. Find out about Sword World merc group got hold of a Broadsword merc cruiser and may tip the balance of trade in the sub-sector. SuSAG wants the ship taken to protect the trade routes. The crew joins up with the ISF Morning Star and take off for the mission. Slaughter agrees to go as well.
009-015 [jump]
016-017 GROTE
Orbit gas giant, collect fuel, and move on.
018-024 [jump]
025-026 ADABICCI
Orbit gas giant, collect fuel, and move on.
027-033 [jump]
034-035 LANTH
Orbit gas giant, collect fuel, and move on.
036-042 [jump]
Arrive and make arrangements to get in fighters and descend to planet. Make plans on how to approach the ship and other merc teams. They fly the fighters undetected to the surface and approach the base. They take out a few mercs and make an assault on the ship. Fighting ensues and they clear the ship out as they discover the power backing this mission are the Zhodani. The crew manage to make it to the bridge where they fight last resistance. Slaughter detects a Zhodani and engages him to the end. He kills him and the crew seize the ship. Barely able to man it, they make a break for it and leave. The ISF Morning Star acknowledges their deed and escorts them home.
047-053 [jump]
054-055 SARUS
Orbit gas giant, collect fuel, and move on.
056-062 [jump]
063-063 VOID
064-070 [jump]
071-072 RABWHAR
Orbit gas giant, collect fuel, and move on.
073-079 [jump]
080-081 ZAIBON
Orbit gas giant, collect fuel, and move on.
082-088 [jump]
089-090 OLYMPIA
Orbit gas giant, collect fuel, and move on.
091-097 [jump]
098-099 GROTE
Orbit gas giant, collect fuel, and move on.
100-106 [jump]
107-108 WEISS
Orbit gas giant, collect fuel, and move on.
109-115 [jump]
116-122 GLISTEN
Return home and unload junk to salvage yard. Contact SuSAG and make a report. Mr. Kelzar wants a visit. He comes to the planetoid and offers the crew a job working as SuSAG Strike Force. Everyone agrees and they sign merc contract, Studd is made Commander Studd. Everyone celebrates and goes home to rest and recoup. Read up on mail. Boomer get’s mail from his youngest daughter telling him about her 16th birthday party and asks him to show. Crew decide to go with him and show since they are providing him a ride there. Griff hooks up the X-Drive and they take off.
123-129 [x-jump]
130-131 EDENELT
Orbit gas giant, collect fuel, and move on.
132-138 [x-jump]
139-140 MAITZ
Orbit gas giant, collect fuel, and move on
141-147 [x-jump}
148-160 MORA
Land and meet Boomer’s sister at her family home. Nice house, very southern plantation style. Boomer stays with her, Studd and Slaughter go to the TAS, and Griff stays on the BA. Boomer plays catch up and enjoys his sister’s house.
The next day Yuri shows up and meets everyone. There is much catching up and Yuri’s schoolmates show up. Haruhi, a petite girl with short, white hair. Kiko, a tall, athletic blonde, and Dara, a ‘well fed’ red head. They all are polite and meet and talk with everyone. Dinner is served and after Griff talks to Kiko about what kind of gift to get for Yuri. Kiko suggests a sword. Yuri and Haruhi come up to talk and Griff moves off to find a servant. He talks with her about obtaining a pair of nice swords. She does so, and later in the evening returns with a vibrashinai and a regular bokuta and delivers them to Griff. Meanwhile Boomer talks to Yuri about what she would like for a present. Yuri asks for a hand comp with a very specific set of programs. Later, Griff shows Boomer the vibrashinai and asks for his approval.
Next day Boomer goes out shopping for Yuri and finds a nice hand comp with interchangeable skins to spruce it up; one of them is waterproof. Griff wraps the swords separately. He goes back to his sisters and makes ready for the Ball. Studd, Slaughter and Griff show up in their dress uniforms and mingle. Guests start to show up and introductions are made. Dara shows up with her father, Head Chef for the TAS Dormo. Kiko shows up with her father Senator Kigero of the Spinward Marches. Haruhi shows up alone and slips in. The dance begins and Boomer makes it a point to dance with his daughter first, and then each of the girls. He ‘talks’ to them to find out what the deal is, since he is starting to suspect something is up involving his daughter. Next, he dances with Olga Petroff, the Headmistress, and talks with her. Griff winds up dancing with Haruhi and talks with her. He discovers she is an orphan. After the dance the announcement of Yuri’s Debutant Ball is given, and Boomer makes a speech. He toasts her, and Magda and Edmund for all their aid. The present train rolls in, and Boomer gives Yuri the hand comp plus accessories. Griff gives her the vibrashinai, and Magda freaks on him. Haruhi gives her eternal flowers in a precious crystal vase. Kiko gives her a necklace and ring. Boomer talks to Yuri and notices the ring has an inscription of love on it.
Next day the Ball is over and everyone rests and recovers from the partying. Boomer wakes Yuri and asks for a tour of her school. Yuri agrees, and makes ready. Griff goes to see Kiko and gives her the bokuta. She thanks him and Senator Kigero shows up. Griff talks to him and apologizes for giving Kiko the gift. Yuri and Boomer tour St. Lolitas Academy for Girls and she shows him her classes as well as her room. Boomer notes there is someone elses stuff in there as well as Yuri’s. Boomer goes to talk to the Headmistress and they discuss Yuri and how she is doing. The Headmistress accidentally says somethings that lead Boomer to discover Yuri and Kiko are ‘close’. He also learns of a gang called The Four and how they run an ‘espionage and racketeering’ ring at the school, and learns she suspects Yuri and the girls run it. Boomer isn’t surprised, and makes a not to talk with Yuri about it. When they meet up again, Boomer asks her about it and she admits her and Kiko are lovers, but as to the rest she merely plays dumb. They go back home and make ready to depart, but realize their Anagathic treatment is coming due so they decide to wait and get it at Mora. The girls go ‘home’ back to the school. Griff and Boomer take booster treatment and survive the system shock. Now the crew readies and makes their jumps.
161-167 [x-jump]
168-169 MAITZ
Orbit gas giant, collect fuel, and move on
170-176 [x-jump]
177-178 EDENELT
Orbit gas giant, collect fuel, and move on.
179-185 [x-jump]
186-190 GLISTEN
Arrive at Glisten and relax. Check mail and make plans. Boomer and Studd set out designing and ordering houses to be built. Studd wants a nice house, dock and yacht built on the lake shore. Boomer wants a nice house with defense and a road built on a mountaintop. They make it so and order construction crews to come and start working.
Eventually Slaughter decides to go to Darkover and work on his training. Studd goes with him, as does Darrin and the rest of the crew. They make plans to be gone for a while.
191-197 [jump]
198-270 WURZBURG
The ship arrives on Darkover and Griff drops Studd and Slaughter off in Caer Donn before he leaves. Slaughter uses his special contact and asks for the FC help. They tell him they will meet him in Carthon. Darrin obtains an air-raft and takes them down the valley. Arrive at Storn where they encounter Lizana Storn. She invites them up to the Castle to rest. They do so, and the next day travel on to Carthon. There they wait in a way station till Reynard Hauster shows up and checks them out. He talks to them to find out what they want, then agrees and takes them thru the Overworld to their HQ in the hills above Hastur. Learn what has been going on since the last time they met up. Dyan sold Darkover out to the Imperials and during a raid Kiran got killed. The FC banished him. The FC talk about Karin and how she is doing. The FC starts the duo’s training by teaching them meditation and control out in the snow. They are taught the ways of living Darkovan life and how to endure various Psi powers by working on their shields. They are taught the history of Laran and the history of the culture. After a few weeks they are deemed fit enough to be taught about Matrix’s and what they do. Then they are tested and allowed to pick a Matrix. After attuning to one, they are taught how to manipulate and use it to augment their powers. Later on, they are asked to join in one of the Circles with the FC and realize they were used to shunt a Frontier Cruiser away from Darkover. Slaughter and Studd are very upset, and the FC tries to explain what their purpose was. To no avail, so the FC offers to explain what the various Laran gifts are and agrees to test them. Studd is first and undergoes the test. He finds he has Telepathy and the Hauster gift, Living Matrix. Slaughter undergoes the test, and finds he has Paladin Gift in full measure. Catalyst, Healer and Guardian all combined. There also is the hint he can channel the Sharra Gift. While being tested, a full measure vision comes to the whole group. In it they see the future, as a Combined Varger/Zhodani war erupts across the Imperium. During it, Slaughter, Studd and Boomer work hard to protect the “new Emperor” – Griff, who will house the Emperor’s soul when he falls in a conflict. They are flabergasted, and Cheri warns them not to reveal the future they have witnessed to the others unless the time is right. They rest and recover.
[Meanwhile] Griff and Boomer are supervising the construction crews on the home planetoid, They rest and watch the goings on daily, plus keep up communications all around. SuSAG contacts them and asks if they can see the BA and the X-Jump drive once again. Having worked on the ship once before apparently their research department feels they have increased the usefulness of the drive and would like to conduct some experiments. They take the ship over to the starbase and meet Mary Kei von Stobor – one of Boomer’s daughters, a Baroness, and a research scientist for SuSAG. She meets with them and gives them a tour of the research facility near the starbase. She lays out the R&D proposition and the guys say they have to talk it over with the rest. They leave to go get the others, and arrive at Darkover later to pick them up.
270-276 [jump]
277-360 GLISTEN
Return home after discussing the SuSAG idea with the crew. They are all for it, and Studd goes thru the Merc List he received via communique. Boomer starts abusing the pollen when he get’s back to the compound, so the others leave him alone. Later they all get up and go to Glisten to meet with Mr. Kelzar. Studd gives the brick of pollen to him and they talk about the new X-Jump drive. Mr. Kelzar pays 5000K credits each for it, and introduces the whole crew to Dr. Von Strobor for a question and answer session. She has many research questions about the X-Jump drive and how it works. She offers to work on a larger ship. She also offers to have some SuSAG medics look at Slaughter’s implant. He agrees, and they remove a supposedly busted chip from his Psi implant, only to discover it is transmitting a code. Slaughter nulls it, and destroys it. It shocks him a lot, plus Studd and Boomer feel it also. Afterwards they go home to review the crew manifest Mr. Kelzar gave them. It is full of SuSAG mercs available to pick and choose for a crew for the gang.
The gang go home and rest in the compound. A delivery shuttle shows up with a buncha contraband for them. It seems Samantha had a hand in getting some of the stuff. One crate contains 3 Battle Dress outfits, 2 regular and 1 Librarian set. Another crate has big weapons for the three suits, as well as three “bolters” (plasma rifles) In another 2 crates are 10 combat armor flak suits and 10 laser rifles for the new Mercs. The gang store it all in a safe place. Studd orders and pays for an Advanced Base with a MedBase add on. He decided to pay the Mercs 2000 a month despite their rank, plus shares. There is much rejoicing, and Slaughter works on designing their codenames.
Dr. von Storbor calls and asks them to bring the 400 ton ship to Glisten to have the X-Jump installed. Studd calls the Mercs together and start having them build the base and such. Brief introductions are made, and the Cook commandeers the Troop Transport. Griff, Boomer and 3 Mercs take the ship to Glisten, dropping it off and picking up Samantha for Slaughter.
Studd lays out a training regime for the Mercs to work on, and he and Slaughter train and train them thru their version of boot camp. Studd orders basic construction supplies and orders the Mercs to build an obstacle course. Time passes, and Studd assigns names and ranks to each of them so they can become more focused. The Mercs train and get better.
360-002 Yuri contacts Boomer and asks if she can come spend the holidays with him. He agrees, and she tells him she knew he’d say that so she and the girls are at Glisten Starport. Boomer asks Dr. von Storbor if she would like to spend the holidays with them also. She agrees, so Boomer goes to Glisten to pick up the girls. They all come back to planet Wolverine.