S&S Salvage

The way things were (2)


1-2 Enjoy amazing party with booze and girls and whathaveyou.
2-5 Come home and recover. Discuss what to do with base. New Cook/Maid shows up. Meet Karin Rhise. Slaughter contacts Samantha and arranges a meeting with SuSAG. Karin fixes dinner. SuSAG agrees to visit base.
5-6 Boomer wander to document base and explores it a bit. He finds a huge air-raft.
6-13 Mr Kelzar shows up to talk. He brings Dr. Ramava as an assistant. The crew takes SuSAG to the base and give a grand tour. Eventually they encounter a robot. There is a huge fight and Griff is hurt. Finally finish the tour and make a deal with Mr. Kelzar. He offers to buy the Exclusive rights to the base, as well as pay off their ship, as well as pay each of the crew 5 MCR. The deal is clinched when he offers to give the crew an annual royalty of Anagathics. They go back to the house and Mr. Kelzar goes home.
13-15 S&S Slaughter receive a call from Glisten starport. Diedre Ardais calls for help. Boomer and Griff check out ship and go to pick up Diedre at starport. The cops show up and Boomer gets in trouble. He evades and escapes them and buys Diedre a disguise.
16-22 [jump]
The guys have a long talk with Diedre on the way. They discuss fixing her a new identity. Arrive at Wurzburg and encounter a Light Cruiser. They are boarded and searched. Find nothing. Land at Caer Donn and talk to a farmer about buying a Grazer. They buy it and some food and leave.
26-32 [jump]
Arrive home and introduce Diedre to Karin. Karin helps Diedre fit in and takes her shopping. The money SuSAG promised shows up and goes into accounts. The crew goes nuts shopping and putting out feelers for certain hard-to-come-by stuff. Sam contacts Slaughter and says she wants to see him, plus Mr. Kelzar has an offer for them. The crew readies the ship and head off.
40-46 [jump]
47-49 NEW ROME
Arrive and go to SuSAG to see Mr. Kelzar, who offers them a job recovering a ship. They discuss whether or not to use the X-Jump. Discuss what to do with the ship and what the pay is. The crew goes to drink and Griff watches the techs prepare the ships drives. Slaughter and Sam find a hotel and some fun. Finally the crew is ready to go.
50-55 [x-jump]
56-57 BENDOR
Just orbit the planet and refueled. SuSAG pays for it all.
58-62 [x-jump]
Just orbit the planet and refueled. SuSAG pays for it all.
65-66 [x-jump]
Just orbit the planet and refueled. SuSAG pays for it all.
69-74 [x-jump]
75-76 LUNION
Just orbit the planet and refueled. SuSAG pays for it all.
77-82 [x-jump]
83-84 BITER
Just orbit the planet and refueled. SuSAG pays for it all.
85-91 [jump]
Jump out to encounter a Sword Worlds armada. Search throughout it till they find the abandoned ship. Also encounter another salvage ship and have words with the captain. Griff maneuvers the BA around the derelict and the rest of the crew board the derelict. The other ship maneuvers also and begins shooting. Griff does his best to hold them off while the rest search the salvage. They encounter other crew and fight, killing them. They explore more and fight some more. Griff finally blows the other ship up just as the other crew manages to board the bridge and set it up for flight. The BA and the new ship jump away as soon as they can.
96-102 [jump]
103-104 BITER
Attempt to get BA fixed but discover SuSAG will only pay for fuel. Refuel ship and jump.
105-111 [jump]
112-113 WARDEN
Just orbit the planet and refueled. SuSAG pays for it all.
114-120 [jump]
121-122 SMAUG
Just orbit the planet and refueled. SuSAG pays for it all.
123-129 [jump]
130-131 GROTE
Just orbit the planet and refueled. SuSAG pays for it all.
132-138 [jump]
139-140 LYDIA
Just orbit the planet and refueled. SuSAG pays for it all.
141-147 [jump]
148-149 WEISS
Just orbit the planet and refueled. SuSAG pays for it all.
150-156 [jump]
157-159 GLISTEN
159-160 Go to Naval Base and receive the Anagathic treatment.
160-202 A noble playboy. Mr. Blanco, hires S&S Salvage to steal from SuSAG some items that a certain SuSAG exec won’t sell him. Griff and Boomer check out details and discover exec is Mr. Toreso, the Head of Security in the Glisten offices. They also discover Mr. Blanco works for Tukera Lines and is conducting corporate espionage. They decline his off, making him angry, but they skip on over to tell/warn Mr. Toreso. He likes them and offers to hire them on the spot to assist him on a trip to New Rome. They agree and ride in a first class yacht.
202-209 [jump]
209-211 NEW ROME
Mr. Toreso and the guys rest before heading to SuSAG appointment. Along the way assassins try to attack. There is a big fight, and both Boomer and Griff kill an assassin but Mr. Toreso gets hurt. He gives them the papers to deliver to Mr. Kelzar and rests in the hospital.
212-219 [jump]
219-227 GLISTEN
Arrive on Glisten and encounter Dr. Everett Jaquay of the Imperial Archeology Society who has a job offer. He proposes to pay them 2MCR a head if the crew will jump to Callia and take back an archeological site that some rebel archeologists took. The site has supposed Ancients tech to it. The crew agree for the additional cost of some supplies and such. Dr. Jaquay agrees, and the gang goes shopping.
227-235 [jump]
235-237 CALLIA
The crew set in orbit and scan the surface. They locate the site and take an air-raft down. Studd recons the place and prepare to move in. In the following firefight Boomer blows up their ship as the merc’s fight while the scientist’s run for the pyramids. Studd and Griff keep watch while Bomer and Slaughter go in the sits. They explore, kill one scientist, and find some cool stuff. They also locate the site’s energy beam and discover the history of the site. They discover a Star Gate and a skeleton with some Coyns on it before tracking down the last scientist. They interrogate him then use him as a test subject for the Star Gate. Eventually they decide to render the Star Gate unusable and detonate it with the entire site, then they go back to the ship. Report to Dr. Jaquay then leave.
237-245 [jump]
245-253 GLISTEN
The crew return home and rest. Karin signs for a delivery with lotsa ammo and stuff for the guys. She suggests acquiring a runabout to store the junk in and Studd agrees. When it shows up they all check it out and add a security system. One day the Imperial Inquisition shows up and asks for Karin but the crew advises them go get a warrant. Karin is missing so Studd goes looking for her. Boomer takes Diedre shopping and buys her stuff to delay them heading home. Slaughter talks to the Inquisitor and delays him while Studd is gone. Finally Studd comes back and the Inquisitor searches all over the compound. They find nothing much and eventually they leave. Studd finds Karin and questions her. She tells her story and why she’s wanted. [Karin was once Captain Amanda McNeill, who was known to be a traitor. According to the story, she took one of the Imperium’s finest ships to the Zhodani at the start of the war and gave it to them. Karin tells them the truth was she discovered a Zhodani plot to invade the Imperium with a Devastator Planet so she went there to try and find info. But her ship was captured and she was Psi-tortured, given abilities, and sent back to spy for the Zhodani. She broke free of the conditioning and has been on the run ever since.] Darrin suggests she go to Darkover for training. The guys talk to SuSAG about setting up a delivery run to Darkover they can all hop a ride on. Samantha sets up the appointment. SuSAG sends the Emperess Cilene. Slaughter and Karin go on ship to ride. The rest stay at home.
254-260 [jump]
261-262 WURZBURG
Lt. Ross shows Slaughter and Karin the air raft and assigns them a pilot. On the planet Slaughter contacts the Forbidden Circle, tells them the issue, and dumps Karin off on them. They agree to help and train her. Slaughter get’s back on the ship and leaves. Unexpectedly the Emperess Cilene mis-jumps and goes into a long jump.
—263-275 [mis-jump]
[ intervening time ]
Griff rides the grazer brought from Darkover a bit. Out and about he spies a ship near the secret base. Quickly determining it’s not there he calls Boomer and takes it on. Boomer and Diedre show up in an air-raft and is shot down and crash. Griff takes out the sensor on the turret and the ship leaves. Griff finds Diedre and Boomer and manages to get them back to the compound.
276-302 ZEPHYR
Emperess Cilene arrives and crashes. Slaughter finds a survivor, Ensign Miller, and rescues him. They move on and talk. A pack of neo-Grazers appear and Slaughter fights them off. He has a catalyst moment and alpha strike kills them. He heals Ensign Miller and him and they rest and explore and find out where they are – trapped on a red zone world. Explore some ruins and find a way to contact a nearby Scout base requesting help. They survive for a week or more, dealing with neo-grazers and the like. Ship shows up finally with an Inquisitor on it. Big fight ensues and Slaughter kills him. Him and Miller take ship and escape.
303-309 [jump]
310-311 HAZEL
Orbit around the planet and skim fuel and keep communications quiet.
312-318 [jump]
319-341 TRIN
Arrive, dock and abandon ship. Go to TAS and rest and heal there. Miller stays elsewhere. Slaughter contacts SuSAG and explains the need for a pickup. SuSAG sends a ship. The two relax and wait. Finally Capt. Arbiton and the ISS Fiery shows up and collects them. After a couple days refitting they leave and head for home.
342-348 [jump]
349-350 ROBIN
Orbit the gas giant, refuel, and take off.
351-357 [jump]
358-359 BENDOR
Orbit the gas giant, refuel, and take off.
360-002 [jump]
Just orbit the planet and refueled. SuSAG pays for it all.