S&S Salvage

The way things were (1)


All their younger adventures before took place before this. Then everyone “retired” and came to Glisten for their continuing lives . . .

146-149 GLISTEN
Encountered Terra, retired Belter and bagman for “the family” She wanted to leave the system and it didn’t matter where she went. Paid the crew to take her somewhere.
149-156 [jump]
156-159 NEW ROME
Sold some cargo and dropped off Terra. Met Mr Kelzar of SuSAG who hired the crew to steal a computer from Tukera Lines. Crew agreed to do it for 200,000CR, plus gas and fees.
159-166 [jump]
166-167 HOROSHO
Just refueled and orbited the planet.
167-174 [jump]
174-177 ROMAR
Spent 3 days finishing mission and avoiding danger. Refitted the ship for next trip.
—177-184 [mis-jump]
184-187 TALOS
Spent some time figuring out where they were and repairing minor damage to the ship. Met Dr. Jamison who introduced the crew to Dr. Frog and asked about the X-Gates. Dr. Frog offered to “rent” the ship and crew to experiment with his new “X-Drive”. Crew agrees and the ship is outfitted.
187-188 [x-jump]
188-189 TROY
Just refueled and orbited the planet.
189-192 [x-jump]
192-194 NEW ROME
Crew goes to SuSAG and meet Mr. Kelzar to turn over mission. Bull meets with Samantha. The crew gets paid and Mr. Kelzar asks about doing job on Wurzburg. The crew discuss it and turn it down. Bull goes out on a date with Samantha. Griff goes to talk with Mr. Kelzar and negotiates. The crew accepts the mission to Wurzburg. They buy some cargo and leave.
194-201 [jump]
201-203 HOROSHO
Just refueled and orbited the planet.
203-210 [jump]
210-220 WURZBURG
Arrive and spy huge Imperial Cruiser. Avoid it and sneak down to planet. Land at starport and do some recon for mission. Get a local Scout service map of planet and head off. Stop at Storn and there start to learn more about planet and the Imperial interest in it. Hook up with Louis Storn and meet his sister Lizana Storn plus her guard Tomas. Louis gives Studd Darrin as a Paxman, to guide them to Carthon, in Ridenow. Arrive in Carthon and prepare to head to Armida, in Alton.Boomer tries a cup of Dawn and is fired up. Darrin get’s some family badges for some cover. Ride to Armida in the cold. Encounter some Dry-Towners and fight. Camp and spy some Trailmen. Arrive at Armida and Darrin meets Regis Alton to sell him the captured horses and ransom necklace. They rest in Armida and then go to Thendara, capital city. Check for info there on the mission and Darrin disappears. Check around for more info and then discover the tale of the Forbidden Circle. They check for even more info and run into Lew Alton and go with him to talk to the Forbidden Circle. Introductions all around and the Forbidden Circle explains how the Comyn families Laran work in the planet’s history. The crew figure out what the Inperium probably wants with the mission and decide to gather some of the pollen instead and take it back. The whole group ride to Ardais and stay at the estate. They spend a day or so collecting the pollen. Boomer takes some and freaks, awakening his psychic powers. He get’s involved in a huge fight but the crew calms him down. The crew leave and go back to Thendara. Then they leave at night for Carthon. They can feel the Comyn “searching” for them all the way. They press on and finally come to Carthon and encounter resistance. Big fight and they ride off for Storn. Tear ass for Caer Donn and the ship. Get the fuck offworld. Avoid the Imperial Cruiser and jump.
220-227 [jump]
227-228 HOROSHO
Just refueled and orbited the planet.
228-235 [jump]
235-239 NEW ROME
Boomer shops and Slaughter meets up with Samantha. They speaks to Mr. Kelzar and give him the pollen and explain they could not complete the mission. He pays them 50,000CR. They decide to go home and set up their shop.
239-246 [jump]
246-288 GLISTEN
The crew return home for the first time since mustering out. They begin shopping online and buying things to outfit their home fully. They buy tons of stuff and explore their planetoid. Studd agrees to build a lake for Slaughter but discovers it will be rough because the planetoid doesn’t allow for modifications. He acquires some heavy equipment and get’s to it. Griff explores the planetoid and maps it out. Also the crew sets up a message beacon advertising their business, S&S Salvage. [Meanwhile, Boomer heads for his homeworld to talk to the doctors about modifying his robotics into a more useful setup. Also he notifies his family he will be home for a bit.]
288-292 Griff discovers trespassers on their planetoid and calls the rest of the crew around. Big fight and they kill them and confiscate their equipment. They wonder who they were and what they wanted, but they know they were searching for something. [Boomer arrives on Mora and visits with his family wile making an appointment with Dr. Yiktor at the Imperial Robotic Institute.]
292-316 The crew tries to search databases and do some recon to try and figure out what these trespassers wanted. Eventually they decide to try and search about like the trespassers were doing. Also, Studd finally finishes Slaughter’s lake and stocks it. [Boomer undergoes his modification surgery and spends some time recovering. His family visits.]
317-358 Slaughter is pleased with his lake. Studd sets out hiring a staff to tend to the place while they are gone but realizes he can only hire a Cook and a Maid. He finds both in a girl named Karin Rhise, who will work for 40,000CR a year. She will take some time to get to Glisten. Griff searches more of the planetoid and finishes his map of the place.[Boomer is released from the recovery/rehab ward and bids his family adieu. He catches a flight back to Glisten and arrives.]
358-364 Griff discovers a hatch set in a cliff on the backside of their planetoid. He calls for the rest of the crew and they decide to investigate it. They open door and enter, penetrating the planetoid’s defenses. Griff hurt on a forcefield. They descend, stopping to explore the habitat pods. Find lab at bottom and explore it. The stored power dies off and they climb down to try and restore it. Explore the power plant and encounter robots. Fight several off and finally find a way to restore one charged cell. Ride elevator up and out, then go back home to rest.
364-1 Clean up and rest. Decide to go to TAS New Years party. Call a limo and ride in style.