S&S Salvage

The way things were (4)


001-002 Go to TAS party on Glisten and bump into Stegal there. He introduces the group to Lady Loren Wiseman, Imperial Elite Intelligence rep in the Spinward Marches. She is interested in S&S Salvage and has heard about them and asks if they will do a job for her. Lady Wiseman visits Slaughter and fucks him for information. Slaughter doesn’t want to help, and Lady Wiseman gets riled. She goes to see Studd and is followed by an Assassin. There is a fight and Studd deals death out, then he discovers he is ½ Zohdani. S&S Salvage checks out their rooms and enjoy the party, then they go back to their base where they recover and dick around.
002-005 Boomer talks to the girls and they have a low-key meeting/party. They drink and Keiko gets tipsy so Booomer spends time talking to her about Yuri and such until Haruhi breaks them up before retreating inside. Next day, Boomer takes the girls on a tour of planet Wolverine. They stop by the Compound and then they go in an Air-Raft. He teaches the girls how to drive and move out into the “countryside”. Dee joins them and rides along.
005-010 They do fairly well until they find a set of doors in a hillside. Boomer “opens” them with some explosives then they all go back to Boomers to change clothes. They discover “crystals” in the elevator when they return. Dee, Dara, Haruhi and Yuri can operate them; Keiko and Boomer can’t. They explore and find a “Bridge” plus a Robo-Spider. Studd and Slaughter show up with the Mercs and set up an attack camp, then they go into base and have a big fight. Eventually they defeat the power spiders and set about to explore the base. Studd takes the girls back to the Compound and Dee stays with Boomer and Slaughter watches the Mercs. Explore the new digs more and decide they need the girls. Dee and Boomer retrieve them and they occupy the chairs. Slaughter sits in the Command Chair while the girls and Dee sit at the consoles. Yuri at the Pilot Chair, Dee at the Navigator Chair and Haruhi at the Weapons Chair. Dara and Keiko and Boomer stand by and watch. Slaughter activates the ship and all learn more about the ship.
010-029 Boomer contacts Mari Kei with SuSAG and asks her to bring a team and translate the ships language. She agrees to meet them so Boomer takes Dara and goes back to the Compound where eventually he joins the SuSAG group and takes them back to the rest. Mari Kei and her team start translating the ships language and they all rest. Eventually, time passes and they finally come to a decision. They decide the ship is an Ancients device and semi-telepathic. In the meanwhile Boomer and the others explore the ship and find a “teleporter”. Dee “unlocks” it and they ‘send’ a bracelet thru it to another destination. Dee and Boomer go out trying to track the bracelet and eventually find it. They break into a ‘cargo bay’ room and locate the bracelet. The group decides they are done and Slaughter heads back to the Compound with the Mercs while Boomer takes the girls back to the Eagles Nest. They clean up and go to the Compound where Slaughter ‘orders’ the girls to work on their ‘special skills’. Mari Kei offers to finish her tests with Boomer for a bit as the girls finish their vacation and go back to Mora. The girls go home with plans on returning for the next vacation while Boomer goes to SuSAG with Mari Kei.
030-065 (Boomer arrives at SuSAG with Mari Kei. She set’s him up in her lab and performs the upgrades with the help of an Imperial Med-Tech named Dame Devon. She performs the following to Boomer and gets her own augments also:
Ruggedizes implants TL 8 $25000
Wafer Jack w/programs TL 12 $10000
Detachable limbs TL 9 $5000
Physical Augmentations TL 12 $300000
Adv Sub-dermal Armor TL 12 $25000
Ballistic Tracking Lenses TL 12 $40000
Cockpit Sensors TL 9 $5000
Metalistic Platelet Injection TL 12 $25000
“Invisotech” TL 12 “free – with a price”
Wafer Jack w/programs TL 12 $10000
MedTech battle dress TL 15 $300000
paid off contract and got Med-Tech as a bonus $500,000 (Boomer)
paid off contract, SuSAG bought programs and armor $600,000 (Devon)

The computer at SuSAG uses Invisotech but doesn’t alert Mari Kei or Boomer about it. Just the MedTech knows. Boomer makes it through the surgery and the rehab but it takes about 6-8 weeks before he is let go to return to home. Boomer decides to buy off his contract so he doesn’t owe SuSAG as much more other than working for S&S Salvage. During this time Dame Devon also gets a Wafer Jack and pays for it herself. SuSAG agrees to get her Battle Dress and her programs so she will be better prepared. She takes some time and heals on her own.)
066-090 At the end she packs up and moves into the Compound. Boomer asks her to help ‘speed up’ getting Dee’s paperwork and identity card completed. Boomer asks her and Dee to go out ‘exploring’. They do so and they find a cliffside after a few days which they name the Glitter Hills, in which they find the Glitter Tubes. They discover a way into one of the tubes where they explore and find a ‘shifter’. They also find a strange tower before they leave to head home. (Bull examines the ship in detail and also checks Devon for Psi talent, discovering she is a Psi)
091-092 SuSAG contacts Boomer and wants him to go on a job for them. Boomer get’s Dee and Devon and the three of them hop a cruise ship to Bendor. (Bull meets with Mr. Kelzar and informs him of his vision about the Empire and the Cybots.)
093-099 [jump]
100-102 BENDOR
On the ship they meet some Varger and get to know them. Gritzz, a veteran, Taria, his niece, and Luxor, his nephew. They all arrive at Bendor and sign up for a ‘safari park’ tour. On the tour there is a disturbance at the hospice and the park guards show up. Boomer finds Dr. Taylor North and speaks to him as they trade info. Boomer gets back on the tour and some Ling Standard Prod. guards show up unamused. A firefight ensues and Devon get’s away. Boomer makes a break for it with the tour bus. The three of them escape to the starport where they find a bar and hire out a ship. Capt. Josie and The Countess agrees to take them back to Glisten avoiding Ling soldiers.
103-109 [jump]
110-113 GLISTEN
The ship arrives safely and the three go to SuSAG where they turn over the info to Mr. Kelzar. They each receive a payment of 50,000 and the remains of the credstick they picked up on Bendor. They catch a ride home, and Boomer sends Yuri a email telling her to study Medic. He also tells The Four and his family to come to stay with him if need be. Boomer sets up a TV video in the bridge, with monitors, and also tests the Mercs for Psi. Boomer and Dee go’s shopping again for software, a hand held computer and other stuff.
114-116 Mr. Kelzar contacts the group and offers them a job. Go to the Imperial Prison Planet, Mithras, and rescue his cousin Captain Reah. S&S Salvage agrees, and collects 4 Mercs along with Boomer, Devon and Slaughter. They also meet Nikoli and Regis, two extra members assigned by SuSAG to join them. They saddle up the Peppard and ready to leave with a SuSAG credstick in hand.
117-123 [jump]
124-125 MITHRAS
The ship arrives and instantly notices two Imperial Cruisers in orbit. They tell a whopper about being authorized and hides around the planet. The clock starts ticking so they locate the crash site and take off down to the planet, leaving the Mercs to guard the ship. Once they land they encounter a group of criminals and a firefight ensues. Next they locate the wreckage of the trader, and capture a local to question. He tells them his name is Ferdinand, or Ferd, and what they need to know. The big group is called The Beamers, and apparently they located and stripped the trader. Slaughter decided they prolly have Captain Reah, and they all find a large place where the gang dwells. The Beamers show up and a fight ensues, plus a Tracked ATV shows up and a full scale ass kicking ensues also. The tank takes out the building and everyone finds a safe place while Nikoli takes it out. Slaughter chases the survivors to the roof and captures one to interrogate. He finds out about The Mind and then throws him off the roof barely missing Nikoli. Regis drops a Sapphire TDX Grenade on the ground and gets hurt after taking the Beamers out. Slaughter starts heading toward The Mind while the group continues. The group goes thru a firefight and barely survives exchanging mortar fire. Finally Boomer, Nikoli and Slaughter move into the main building and encounter their targets. Another firefight and Nikoli drops one at the stairs while Boomer drops more as a backup. They find The Mind and kill him and rescue Captain Reah. They all take Ferd and get back to the ship and leave just in time.
126-132 [jump]
133-135 GLISTEN
The ship makes it to Glisten and Captain Reah meets Mr. Kelzar in a family reunion. SuSAG pays the group 50.000 creds and all is well. The gang discusses possible future and they decide to go shopping. Boomer checks him mail and buys some things online. Slaughter decides to get the group up and running and makes plans. They prep the Dagger for travel on a rescue mission.
136-141 [jump]
142-142 FFUDN
Refuel and then prepare to jump.
143-149 [jump]
150-150 HEXOS
Refuel and then prepare to jump.
151-157 [jump]
158-160 MORA
The Dagger pops out of jump and spies the Imperial fleet standing off against the Cybot fleet over Mora. They try to slip on by, but the Imperial fleet contacts them, so Boomer gives them a concocted story concerning their Red Star involvement. The fleet lets them on by so they take the cutter down to the surface. They navigate to the Imperial center complex and land. Move to the complex building and mount the stairs just as a Cybot pyramid lands. The group enters the building and they search for the bunker hidden under the building. Reports have it Cybots are unloading from the pyramid and approaching the building. The group locates the bunker and Regis drops noble names in an attempt to impress the Senator and get the girls out of the bunker. It doesn’t work so Slaughter goes nuts and takes out the security guns then Boomer helps him open the vault door.
Meanwhile Nikoli goes up to the main door to keep watch the Cybot and Imperial Guard fight. Regis follows him and tosses grenades and launches mortars at the Cybots. Nikoli dodges and Regis setsa string of explosives in the door and hallway. They detonate them and then run away down to the bunker to meet with the others.
The Senator calls off the guards as Slaughter announces his intent to rescue them all. Keiko comes forward to be with her father and Slaughter sends her to go get The Four so they can go. Boomer finds the location of the rest of his family from Yuri and Slaughter makes plans on how to rescue them. Boomer, Nikoli and Regis lead the Senator and the rest up and out a back door to cross the complex toward the cutter. They manage to get in it and fend off the Cybot troops and fly off to meet Slaughter.
Meanwhile Slaughter crosses the city toward the civilian shelter. Along the way he encounters a Striker and terminates it. He enters the shelter and tries to get Boomer’s family. There is a crowd that doesn’t want to be left behind so Slaughter helps them along as he calls for the ship. Outside he encounters another Striker but he doesn’t destroy it at once so it vanishes. When the ship arrives one of the Merc’s waves a shotgun and keeps the crowd out as Boomer’s family and Slaughter get on. Then the cutter flies off and heads back to the Dagger. Everyone moves off and into the ship where they find rooms to stay. The Dagger maneuvers away from Mora until Silverbolt hits the jump drive early and the ship leaves back to Glisten.
161-167 [jump]
168-169 HEXOS
Arrive out of jump and Boomer goes to get his delayed Anagathics treatment. Everyone else does shopping and the like, while the Senator pays for refueling and restocking. Devon helps in keeping an eye on Boomer and the girls.
169-175 [jump]
176-177 FFUDN
Boomer trains the girls on various ship operations, such as Haruhi firing off the ships turrets. When they arrive Dara pays for the gang to stay at the TAS. Everyone enjoys all they have to offer.
177-183 [jump]
183-187 GLISTEN
Upon returning to Glisten, the Senator takes his people and heads off. Boomer drops his family off on Maria and takes the girls home. Slaughter goes to visit Sam. Boomer spends time with Dee, and hears Imperia from the girls room as they rest.
Finally Dee and Boomer take the girls out exploring again. Haruhi practices driving the most. The group spies a G-Carrier so Boomer takes over and they approach, spying Ling Standards markings on the side. The group is noticed and the other craft fires a mortar, which misses them. Boomer calls for the Merc’s and sends the air-raft off. The G-Carrier shoots it, and then the Merc’s show up. Boomer and the rest go home and Boomer orders a suit of cloth armor for Dara.
They all get suited up and return to the spot, but the G-Carrier is gone. They find a crevasse with an entrance, plus some stairs. Boomer scopes out the stairs and the gang check out the surroundings. They locate a door at the top which they can’t open. Further exploring reveals a “light” crystal which Boomer and Devon try to activate. Haruhi activates it and they re-climb the stairs to find the door open. Inside they find a “map/sensor” control room with a “teleporter”, which the gang calls a “shifter”, in it also. Boomer and the group explore it and locate a map and consoles, which the girls play with. Eventually they find a way to maneuver the map around and search about the planetoid. Finally they finish and decide to leave, but on the way out they encounter a Warbot. There is a big fight, and Boomer and Devon get hurt, so they leave via the shifter. Boomer closes the door with welds and Keiko calls for the Merc’s. When they show up the whole gang dusts off the Warbot.
The group goes back to the Eagle’s Nest to clean up and have a cook-out. During the meal a Hover Bot shows up and there is a fight. Dara and Haruhi get hurt, but Devon destroys it.
188-190 Boomer searches out the higher class schools on Glisten and tries to enroll the girls. He signs for Yuri, but Haruhi, Keiko and Dara send notices to their Dad’s. The girls also order some school clothes and do some shopping. Dee receives her new ID papers as well as her new name card.
The Inquisition contacts Slaughter and “asks for permission” to show up. He grudgingly agrees and they show up and ask to “speak” with Devon and Nikoli. Slaughter tells them to piss off, so they leave but threaten to return. The gang makes ready, and sure enough Inquisitor Young returns in force and there is an encounter. Slaughter produces Nikoli, but when it becomes obvious the Inquisitor is going to take him away, Slaughter retaliates. A big fight ensues, with the Merc’s and the Inquisitor’s Troops fighting it out. Slaughter shields Nikoli, but when Inquisitor Young opens fire on him Slaughter tackles him to end the encounter. The Inquisitor leaves, and Slaughter threatens him, and the Merc’s recover their wounded and dead. Ops was killed, plus several of the Inquisitor’s troops.
SuSAG contacts the gang and hires them to go into Cybot territory to recover some samples and computer programs. They prepare their gear and the Peppard and prepare to go – two of the Merc’s also go along. Slingshot and Heavy Duty. SuSAG hands over a cred stick to help them and arranges a deal for pay and what the mission specs are.
191-197 [jump]
197-198 FFUDN
Refuel and head on.
199-205 [jump]
Refuel and head on.
207-213 [jump]
213-214 LUNION
Refuel and head on.
215-221 [jump]
221-222 LANTH
Refuel and head on.
223-229 [jump]
230-241 DIOMN
Boomer, Dee and Devon arrange their landing and make their plans. They power up the ATV and head off across the Twilight Face heading toward the first town and factory. The temps flicker and they encounter a Union vehicle, looking for trouble. A big fight happens, and the other vehicle is disabled, then the group moves on. They come to Median, where they find a hotel and restaurant. The next day they ride the monorail into the Bright Face to the factory and the mine. The next day they move on toward Nopan where they find a hotel and restaurant again. The next day they ride the monorail into the Cold Face to the factory and the mine. The next day they head back toward the starport, and along the way they encounter an avalanche. It blocks the road and traps the group in the ATV. Boomer and Devon squeeze out the turret and descend from the vehicle. They manage to clear it and get moving. Before the starport they encounter a sinkhole which they manage to evade. They find another hotel and restaurant at the starport. The next day they ride to the last factory and mine in the Bright Face. They call the Peppard to come back and pick them up. Upon leaving, they encounter a Cybot ship. A big fight ensues, but Fate aids the crew and they survive to move on. The ship is damaged though.
242-248 [jump]
248-249 LANTH
Refuel and get the ship patched.
250-256 [jump]
256-257 LUNION
Refuel and head on.
258-264 [jump]
Refuel and head on.
266-272 [jump]
272-273 FFUDN
Refuel and head on.
274-280 [jump]
280-285 GLISTEN
The group arrives back at Planet Wolverine. They clean up and contact SuSAG. Mr. Kelzar pays them and Boomer turns in the programs and samples plus the cred stick with receipts. He pays them 1M CR each for the trip. Boomer divides up the pay for the Merc’s and puts the rest in the ship fund.
Time passes for the grew. News comes that the Emperor is coming to the sector for New Years to dedicate the “growth of the Empire” and to host a huge party featuring Imperia at the TAS. Boomer discovers the Four have made off with his liquor and cigars when they went to school during the last mission. He decides to go retrieve their weapons and whatever he can of his perishables. Boomer goes to Dellmorte Academy on Glisten and talks with some school folk, and also has a stern discussion with the Four. He reclaims the weapons from them.
Mr. Kelzar offers to hire the gang to run some covert missions for SuSAG on the Imperial Reservation planet of Marastan. He warns them the “target” may be there with the Empire’s permission and so the gang must exert caution in dealing with them.
286-292 [jump]
293-294 MARASTAN
Arrive at the Imperial Reservation planet and settle down to unload the ATV, and then the Peppard glides into orbit. They explore around for a while and encounter a field test site where the interlopers are testing a turret. They approach and the testers open fire on the ATV. Big free for all ensues and the crew capture the testers. They interrogate them some and in the end they kill one of them to make a point. Then they take the testers equipment and gear before moving on.
Boomer and Dee stay at the ATV with the 2 Scientist’s and the prototype equipment while the others dash off. Slaughter and Devon move thru the woods and approach the shore, passing thru a exterior security fence. They enter the main base thru the Garage door and into the Commons room. They pass a few others with no real problems and go into the Main Center. There they attempt to hack a PC console until it becomes apparent they need to move to another. They do but attract the attention of some others who cause a problem. Devon hacks the PC console while Slaughter takes on the others. A small fight ensues before the duo escape. As they run out of the base, the turret’s on the security fence open up. Slaughter calls Boomer to summon the ship as they dash along. The duo return to the ATV, and the group reunite with the Pepperd. They pack their shit and leave.
295-301 [jump]
302-303 GLISTEN
The group goes home, except Slaughter and Devon go to see SuSAG. News is the Emperor is coming out to the Spinward Marches sector on New Years, as well as Imperia will be playing at the TAS ball. Samantha talks to Slaughter about their wedding at the TAS ball as well, and Mr. Kelzar gives them a wedding present including a honeymoon house to use for their stay. Mr. Kelzar asks about the mission and offers the standard 500K credit payment to the party for their services. He also offers another 1 M cred payment for the computer info and the prototype module. Slaughter pays the Merc’s an additional 77K cred bonus out of the bonus money.
Boomer examines the remains of the Warbot to discern its maker. He finds it to be a collection of Ancient and modern pieces conveniently joined into a working unit. He works on rebuilding the Warbot and outfitting it with a slave unit and advanced programming. He orders new parts and waits for them to arrive. Slaughter orders an “orbital defense” Warbot satellite and also requests some new Merc’s from SuSAG to replace Ops.
The new parts come delivered and Boomer installs them and finishes the Warbot. He names it Tralfaz and sets about the planetoid introducing him to everyone. The Four contact Boomer and ask him if they can come and visit/stay for the Holidays. He agrees, and Samantha contacts Slaughter and set’s up the times for him to come over for their rehearsals. The Four show up, and settle in for the long haul.
Studd invites Boomer, Griff, and Devon to come along and go to an extravaganza called Slaughter’s Bachelor Party. Boomer declines, but the other two join. They go to the TAS Facility, which Studd rented, and enjoy a supah huge party with dancers, booze and music. A wild time is had by all and several stories are made. Griff passes out and the others “watch over” him.
Meanwhile, Boomer has a “discussion” with Keiko about the upcoming holiday. She get’s drunk and let’s slip the fact that the lead singer for Imperia is, in fact, her brother Keichii and the Four have free invites to all of their concerts. In fact they plan on going to this one over the holiday. She admits it’s a secret because her father, the Senator, doesn’t get along with Keichii at all and often pretends he doesn’t exist.
The Girls are excited about the TAS party and ask Boomer if they can be allowed to go to this one. He agrees and asks Dee to join them as well. Over the course of the week the various fleet’s of the Empire start showing up at Glisten, in the Spinward Marches, planning for the Emperor’s visit during the holiday. The news of the Cybot Invasion takes an upswing by noting a joint Zhodani/Imperial fleet chased the foe away from the Mora system and are on standby there now.
Everyone makes plans to go to the TAS party. Studd and Darrin prepare to go as does Griff, and Devon, and Slaughter, as well as Boomer, Dee and the Girls. Slaughter calls for a Limo Air-Raft to take them all while the Merc’s summon up simple cabs to ride. The ride over is simple while the arrival at the party is dramatic, mostly due to fevers running high. Everyone enters and spread out, the Girls zeroing in on the buffet. Mr. Kelzar talks with Slaughter and introductions are made to various nobles as the evening passes. Slaughter lets slip he knows Mr. Kelzar’s name is Menan while they talk back and forth about S&S Salvage. The Duchess Avaraja of Glisten shows up with her guard and Mr. Kelzar introduces the gang to her. Boomer comes over to join the talk, leaving Dee watching over the Girls. Haruhi makes a move on a Princess and causes a scene. Slaughter and Boomer talk to her and deal with a pissy noble in the process. All is worked out. Senator Keigero shows up with his guard as well and joins the conversation. The party continues for a while and the gang speak with the Senator a bit more. Samantha shows up and moves to stand with Slaughter.
Imperia shows up and the crowd goes wild. Petty nobles try to mingle with the big nobles and everyone tries to be seen. The concert begins and everyone cheers. Devon and Slaughter spies an assassin moving thru the crowd so they move to intercept him. Devon strikes and takes him down just as he makes his move on the Baron of Weise, Gateway to Mithras, thus saving him. There are many thanks and acknowledgments given. The concert goes on and finally ends with a big cheer. The Girls mention they want to go backstage, so Boomer and Dee go along as they group passes the guards and encounter Imperia. There is much conversation between everyone and Boomer finally meets Keichii (Krash) as well as the others. After the talk the group goes back out to mingle with the crowd as the last of the party winds down. Eventually they retire to the halls upstairs to go to their rooms for a night of rest before the holiday.
Studd has a master room next to a servant room for Darrin, while Devon, Slaughter, and Griff all have their own rooms down the hall. Boomer and Dee have their own room next to the Girls, who are in their own room as well. Slaughter sneaks off to the Girls room with some cards and offers to play some poker with them. On the sly they produce a bottle of fun, and Slaughter provides one plus the Girls order some room service. They drink and play hands of poker for a bit until Slaughter suggest upping the ante. The Girls suggest playing Strip Poker, and Slaughter unwillingly agrees. Several more drinks and cards later, Slaughter beats the Girls out of most of their clothes. He suspects Haruhi of cheating, so he doesn’t let up and soon Haruhi is forced top less. The next hand goes about the same, and soon Haruhi loses her bottoms, and drops out of the game. She goes to bed, and over the next few hands Slaughter wins Keiko’s and Yuri’s tops as well. With everyone being majorly drunk, Slaughter ups the ante between himself and Dara. Then he throws a hand and Dara orders him to go wake Boomer with no pants on. Slaughter does so, and convinces Boomer not to kill him. Boomer follows him out to make sure the Girls are still ok, then everyone goes to bed and rests.

The way things were (3)


360-002 [jump]
003-008 GLISTEN
Slaughter arrives at home and is welcomed. Rests and recovers. Miller takes job on Glisten. Stories are swapped and bragging right laid out. SuSAG and Samantha calls to hire crew. Find out about Sword World merc group got hold of a Broadsword merc cruiser and may tip the balance of trade in the sub-sector. SuSAG wants the ship taken to protect the trade routes. The crew joins up with the ISF Morning Star and take off for the mission. Slaughter agrees to go as well.
009-015 [jump]
016-017 GROTE
Orbit gas giant, collect fuel, and move on.
018-024 [jump]
025-026 ADABICCI
Orbit gas giant, collect fuel, and move on.
027-033 [jump]
034-035 LANTH
Orbit gas giant, collect fuel, and move on.
036-042 [jump]
Arrive and make arrangements to get in fighters and descend to planet. Make plans on how to approach the ship and other merc teams. They fly the fighters undetected to the surface and approach the base. They take out a few mercs and make an assault on the ship. Fighting ensues and they clear the ship out as they discover the power backing this mission are the Zhodani. The crew manage to make it to the bridge where they fight last resistance. Slaughter detects a Zhodani and engages him to the end. He kills him and the crew seize the ship. Barely able to man it, they make a break for it and leave. The ISF Morning Star acknowledges their deed and escorts them home.
047-053 [jump]
054-055 SARUS
Orbit gas giant, collect fuel, and move on.
056-062 [jump]
063-063 VOID
064-070 [jump]
071-072 RABWHAR
Orbit gas giant, collect fuel, and move on.
073-079 [jump]
080-081 ZAIBON
Orbit gas giant, collect fuel, and move on.
082-088 [jump]
089-090 OLYMPIA
Orbit gas giant, collect fuel, and move on.
091-097 [jump]
098-099 GROTE
Orbit gas giant, collect fuel, and move on.
100-106 [jump]
107-108 WEISS
Orbit gas giant, collect fuel, and move on.
109-115 [jump]
116-122 GLISTEN
Return home and unload junk to salvage yard. Contact SuSAG and make a report. Mr. Kelzar wants a visit. He comes to the planetoid and offers the crew a job working as SuSAG Strike Force. Everyone agrees and they sign merc contract, Studd is made Commander Studd. Everyone celebrates and goes home to rest and recoup. Read up on mail. Boomer get’s mail from his youngest daughter telling him about her 16th birthday party and asks him to show. Crew decide to go with him and show since they are providing him a ride there. Griff hooks up the X-Drive and they take off.
123-129 [x-jump]
130-131 EDENELT
Orbit gas giant, collect fuel, and move on.
132-138 [x-jump]
139-140 MAITZ
Orbit gas giant, collect fuel, and move on
141-147 [x-jump}
148-160 MORA
Land and meet Boomer’s sister at her family home. Nice house, very southern plantation style. Boomer stays with her, Studd and Slaughter go to the TAS, and Griff stays on the BA. Boomer plays catch up and enjoys his sister’s house.
The next day Yuri shows up and meets everyone. There is much catching up and Yuri’s schoolmates show up. Haruhi, a petite girl with short, white hair. Kiko, a tall, athletic blonde, and Dara, a ‘well fed’ red head. They all are polite and meet and talk with everyone. Dinner is served and after Griff talks to Kiko about what kind of gift to get for Yuri. Kiko suggests a sword. Yuri and Haruhi come up to talk and Griff moves off to find a servant. He talks with her about obtaining a pair of nice swords. She does so, and later in the evening returns with a vibrashinai and a regular bokuta and delivers them to Griff. Meanwhile Boomer talks to Yuri about what she would like for a present. Yuri asks for a hand comp with a very specific set of programs. Later, Griff shows Boomer the vibrashinai and asks for his approval.
Next day Boomer goes out shopping for Yuri and finds a nice hand comp with interchangeable skins to spruce it up; one of them is waterproof. Griff wraps the swords separately. He goes back to his sisters and makes ready for the Ball. Studd, Slaughter and Griff show up in their dress uniforms and mingle. Guests start to show up and introductions are made. Dara shows up with her father, Head Chef for the TAS Dormo. Kiko shows up with her father Senator Kigero of the Spinward Marches. Haruhi shows up alone and slips in. The dance begins and Boomer makes it a point to dance with his daughter first, and then each of the girls. He ‘talks’ to them to find out what the deal is, since he is starting to suspect something is up involving his daughter. Next, he dances with Olga Petroff, the Headmistress, and talks with her. Griff winds up dancing with Haruhi and talks with her. He discovers she is an orphan. After the dance the announcement of Yuri’s Debutant Ball is given, and Boomer makes a speech. He toasts her, and Magda and Edmund for all their aid. The present train rolls in, and Boomer gives Yuri the hand comp plus accessories. Griff gives her the vibrashinai, and Magda freaks on him. Haruhi gives her eternal flowers in a precious crystal vase. Kiko gives her a necklace and ring. Boomer talks to Yuri and notices the ring has an inscription of love on it.
Next day the Ball is over and everyone rests and recovers from the partying. Boomer wakes Yuri and asks for a tour of her school. Yuri agrees, and makes ready. Griff goes to see Kiko and gives her the bokuta. She thanks him and Senator Kigero shows up. Griff talks to him and apologizes for giving Kiko the gift. Yuri and Boomer tour St. Lolitas Academy for Girls and she shows him her classes as well as her room. Boomer notes there is someone elses stuff in there as well as Yuri’s. Boomer goes to talk to the Headmistress and they discuss Yuri and how she is doing. The Headmistress accidentally says somethings that lead Boomer to discover Yuri and Kiko are ‘close’. He also learns of a gang called The Four and how they run an ‘espionage and racketeering’ ring at the school, and learns she suspects Yuri and the girls run it. Boomer isn’t surprised, and makes a not to talk with Yuri about it. When they meet up again, Boomer asks her about it and she admits her and Kiko are lovers, but as to the rest she merely plays dumb. They go back home and make ready to depart, but realize their Anagathic treatment is coming due so they decide to wait and get it at Mora. The girls go ‘home’ back to the school. Griff and Boomer take booster treatment and survive the system shock. Now the crew readies and makes their jumps.
161-167 [x-jump]
168-169 MAITZ
Orbit gas giant, collect fuel, and move on
170-176 [x-jump]
177-178 EDENELT
Orbit gas giant, collect fuel, and move on.
179-185 [x-jump]
186-190 GLISTEN
Arrive at Glisten and relax. Check mail and make plans. Boomer and Studd set out designing and ordering houses to be built. Studd wants a nice house, dock and yacht built on the lake shore. Boomer wants a nice house with defense and a road built on a mountaintop. They make it so and order construction crews to come and start working.
Eventually Slaughter decides to go to Darkover and work on his training. Studd goes with him, as does Darrin and the rest of the crew. They make plans to be gone for a while.
191-197 [jump]
198-270 WURZBURG
The ship arrives on Darkover and Griff drops Studd and Slaughter off in Caer Donn before he leaves. Slaughter uses his special contact and asks for the FC help. They tell him they will meet him in Carthon. Darrin obtains an air-raft and takes them down the valley. Arrive at Storn where they encounter Lizana Storn. She invites them up to the Castle to rest. They do so, and the next day travel on to Carthon. There they wait in a way station till Reynard Hauster shows up and checks them out. He talks to them to find out what they want, then agrees and takes them thru the Overworld to their HQ in the hills above Hastur. Learn what has been going on since the last time they met up. Dyan sold Darkover out to the Imperials and during a raid Kiran got killed. The FC banished him. The FC talk about Karin and how she is doing. The FC starts the duo’s training by teaching them meditation and control out in the snow. They are taught the ways of living Darkovan life and how to endure various Psi powers by working on their shields. They are taught the history of Laran and the history of the culture. After a few weeks they are deemed fit enough to be taught about Matrix’s and what they do. Then they are tested and allowed to pick a Matrix. After attuning to one, they are taught how to manipulate and use it to augment their powers. Later on, they are asked to join in one of the Circles with the FC and realize they were used to shunt a Frontier Cruiser away from Darkover. Slaughter and Studd are very upset, and the FC tries to explain what their purpose was. To no avail, so the FC offers to explain what the various Laran gifts are and agrees to test them. Studd is first and undergoes the test. He finds he has Telepathy and the Hauster gift, Living Matrix. Slaughter undergoes the test, and finds he has Paladin Gift in full measure. Catalyst, Healer and Guardian all combined. There also is the hint he can channel the Sharra Gift. While being tested, a full measure vision comes to the whole group. In it they see the future, as a Combined Varger/Zhodani war erupts across the Imperium. During it, Slaughter, Studd and Boomer work hard to protect the “new Emperor” – Griff, who will house the Emperor’s soul when he falls in a conflict. They are flabergasted, and Cheri warns them not to reveal the future they have witnessed to the others unless the time is right. They rest and recover.
[Meanwhile] Griff and Boomer are supervising the construction crews on the home planetoid, They rest and watch the goings on daily, plus keep up communications all around. SuSAG contacts them and asks if they can see the BA and the X-Jump drive once again. Having worked on the ship once before apparently their research department feels they have increased the usefulness of the drive and would like to conduct some experiments. They take the ship over to the starbase and meet Mary Kei von Stobor – one of Boomer’s daughters, a Baroness, and a research scientist for SuSAG. She meets with them and gives them a tour of the research facility near the starbase. She lays out the R&D proposition and the guys say they have to talk it over with the rest. They leave to go get the others, and arrive at Darkover later to pick them up.
270-276 [jump]
277-360 GLISTEN
Return home after discussing the SuSAG idea with the crew. They are all for it, and Studd goes thru the Merc List he received via communique. Boomer starts abusing the pollen when he get’s back to the compound, so the others leave him alone. Later they all get up and go to Glisten to meet with Mr. Kelzar. Studd gives the brick of pollen to him and they talk about the new X-Jump drive. Mr. Kelzar pays 5000K credits each for it, and introduces the whole crew to Dr. Von Strobor for a question and answer session. She has many research questions about the X-Jump drive and how it works. She offers to work on a larger ship. She also offers to have some SuSAG medics look at Slaughter’s implant. He agrees, and they remove a supposedly busted chip from his Psi implant, only to discover it is transmitting a code. Slaughter nulls it, and destroys it. It shocks him a lot, plus Studd and Boomer feel it also. Afterwards they go home to review the crew manifest Mr. Kelzar gave them. It is full of SuSAG mercs available to pick and choose for a crew for the gang.
The gang go home and rest in the compound. A delivery shuttle shows up with a buncha contraband for them. It seems Samantha had a hand in getting some of the stuff. One crate contains 3 Battle Dress outfits, 2 regular and 1 Librarian set. Another crate has big weapons for the three suits, as well as three “bolters” (plasma rifles) In another 2 crates are 10 combat armor flak suits and 10 laser rifles for the new Mercs. The gang store it all in a safe place. Studd orders and pays for an Advanced Base with a MedBase add on. He decided to pay the Mercs 2000 a month despite their rank, plus shares. There is much rejoicing, and Slaughter works on designing their codenames.
Dr. von Storbor calls and asks them to bring the 400 ton ship to Glisten to have the X-Jump installed. Studd calls the Mercs together and start having them build the base and such. Brief introductions are made, and the Cook commandeers the Troop Transport. Griff, Boomer and 3 Mercs take the ship to Glisten, dropping it off and picking up Samantha for Slaughter.
Studd lays out a training regime for the Mercs to work on, and he and Slaughter train and train them thru their version of boot camp. Studd orders basic construction supplies and orders the Mercs to build an obstacle course. Time passes, and Studd assigns names and ranks to each of them so they can become more focused. The Mercs train and get better.
360-002 Yuri contacts Boomer and asks if she can come spend the holidays with him. He agrees, and she tells him she knew he’d say that so she and the girls are at Glisten Starport. Boomer asks Dr. von Storbor if she would like to spend the holidays with them also. She agrees, so Boomer goes to Glisten to pick up the girls. They all come back to planet Wolverine.

The way things were (2)


1-2 Enjoy amazing party with booze and girls and whathaveyou.
2-5 Come home and recover. Discuss what to do with base. New Cook/Maid shows up. Meet Karin Rhise. Slaughter contacts Samantha and arranges a meeting with SuSAG. Karin fixes dinner. SuSAG agrees to visit base.
5-6 Boomer wander to document base and explores it a bit. He finds a huge air-raft.
6-13 Mr Kelzar shows up to talk. He brings Dr. Ramava as an assistant. The crew takes SuSAG to the base and give a grand tour. Eventually they encounter a robot. There is a huge fight and Griff is hurt. Finally finish the tour and make a deal with Mr. Kelzar. He offers to buy the Exclusive rights to the base, as well as pay off their ship, as well as pay each of the crew 5 MCR. The deal is clinched when he offers to give the crew an annual royalty of Anagathics. They go back to the house and Mr. Kelzar goes home.
13-15 S&S Slaughter receive a call from Glisten starport. Diedre Ardais calls for help. Boomer and Griff check out ship and go to pick up Diedre at starport. The cops show up and Boomer gets in trouble. He evades and escapes them and buys Diedre a disguise.
16-22 [jump]
The guys have a long talk with Diedre on the way. They discuss fixing her a new identity. Arrive at Wurzburg and encounter a Light Cruiser. They are boarded and searched. Find nothing. Land at Caer Donn and talk to a farmer about buying a Grazer. They buy it and some food and leave.
26-32 [jump]
Arrive home and introduce Diedre to Karin. Karin helps Diedre fit in and takes her shopping. The money SuSAG promised shows up and goes into accounts. The crew goes nuts shopping and putting out feelers for certain hard-to-come-by stuff. Sam contacts Slaughter and says she wants to see him, plus Mr. Kelzar has an offer for them. The crew readies the ship and head off.
40-46 [jump]
47-49 NEW ROME
Arrive and go to SuSAG to see Mr. Kelzar, who offers them a job recovering a ship. They discuss whether or not to use the X-Jump. Discuss what to do with the ship and what the pay is. The crew goes to drink and Griff watches the techs prepare the ships drives. Slaughter and Sam find a hotel and some fun. Finally the crew is ready to go.
50-55 [x-jump]
56-57 BENDOR
Just orbit the planet and refueled. SuSAG pays for it all.
58-62 [x-jump]
Just orbit the planet and refueled. SuSAG pays for it all.
65-66 [x-jump]
Just orbit the planet and refueled. SuSAG pays for it all.
69-74 [x-jump]
75-76 LUNION
Just orbit the planet and refueled. SuSAG pays for it all.
77-82 [x-jump]
83-84 BITER
Just orbit the planet and refueled. SuSAG pays for it all.
85-91 [jump]
Jump out to encounter a Sword Worlds armada. Search throughout it till they find the abandoned ship. Also encounter another salvage ship and have words with the captain. Griff maneuvers the BA around the derelict and the rest of the crew board the derelict. The other ship maneuvers also and begins shooting. Griff does his best to hold them off while the rest search the salvage. They encounter other crew and fight, killing them. They explore more and fight some more. Griff finally blows the other ship up just as the other crew manages to board the bridge and set it up for flight. The BA and the new ship jump away as soon as they can.
96-102 [jump]
103-104 BITER
Attempt to get BA fixed but discover SuSAG will only pay for fuel. Refuel ship and jump.
105-111 [jump]
112-113 WARDEN
Just orbit the planet and refueled. SuSAG pays for it all.
114-120 [jump]
121-122 SMAUG
Just orbit the planet and refueled. SuSAG pays for it all.
123-129 [jump]
130-131 GROTE
Just orbit the planet and refueled. SuSAG pays for it all.
132-138 [jump]
139-140 LYDIA
Just orbit the planet and refueled. SuSAG pays for it all.
141-147 [jump]
148-149 WEISS
Just orbit the planet and refueled. SuSAG pays for it all.
150-156 [jump]
157-159 GLISTEN
159-160 Go to Naval Base and receive the Anagathic treatment.
160-202 A noble playboy. Mr. Blanco, hires S&S Salvage to steal from SuSAG some items that a certain SuSAG exec won’t sell him. Griff and Boomer check out details and discover exec is Mr. Toreso, the Head of Security in the Glisten offices. They also discover Mr. Blanco works for Tukera Lines and is conducting corporate espionage. They decline his off, making him angry, but they skip on over to tell/warn Mr. Toreso. He likes them and offers to hire them on the spot to assist him on a trip to New Rome. They agree and ride in a first class yacht.
202-209 [jump]
209-211 NEW ROME
Mr. Toreso and the guys rest before heading to SuSAG appointment. Along the way assassins try to attack. There is a big fight, and both Boomer and Griff kill an assassin but Mr. Toreso gets hurt. He gives them the papers to deliver to Mr. Kelzar and rests in the hospital.
212-219 [jump]
219-227 GLISTEN
Arrive on Glisten and encounter Dr. Everett Jaquay of the Imperial Archeology Society who has a job offer. He proposes to pay them 2MCR a head if the crew will jump to Callia and take back an archeological site that some rebel archeologists took. The site has supposed Ancients tech to it. The crew agree for the additional cost of some supplies and such. Dr. Jaquay agrees, and the gang goes shopping.
227-235 [jump]
235-237 CALLIA
The crew set in orbit and scan the surface. They locate the site and take an air-raft down. Studd recons the place and prepare to move in. In the following firefight Boomer blows up their ship as the merc’s fight while the scientist’s run for the pyramids. Studd and Griff keep watch while Bomer and Slaughter go in the sits. They explore, kill one scientist, and find some cool stuff. They also locate the site’s energy beam and discover the history of the site. They discover a Star Gate and a skeleton with some Coyns on it before tracking down the last scientist. They interrogate him then use him as a test subject for the Star Gate. Eventually they decide to render the Star Gate unusable and detonate it with the entire site, then they go back to the ship. Report to Dr. Jaquay then leave.
237-245 [jump]
245-253 GLISTEN
The crew return home and rest. Karin signs for a delivery with lotsa ammo and stuff for the guys. She suggests acquiring a runabout to store the junk in and Studd agrees. When it shows up they all check it out and add a security system. One day the Imperial Inquisition shows up and asks for Karin but the crew advises them go get a warrant. Karin is missing so Studd goes looking for her. Boomer takes Diedre shopping and buys her stuff to delay them heading home. Slaughter talks to the Inquisitor and delays him while Studd is gone. Finally Studd comes back and the Inquisitor searches all over the compound. They find nothing much and eventually they leave. Studd finds Karin and questions her. She tells her story and why she’s wanted. [Karin was once Captain Amanda McNeill, who was known to be a traitor. According to the story, she took one of the Imperium’s finest ships to the Zhodani at the start of the war and gave it to them. Karin tells them the truth was she discovered a Zhodani plot to invade the Imperium with a Devastator Planet so she went there to try and find info. But her ship was captured and she was Psi-tortured, given abilities, and sent back to spy for the Zhodani. She broke free of the conditioning and has been on the run ever since.] Darrin suggests she go to Darkover for training. The guys talk to SuSAG about setting up a delivery run to Darkover they can all hop a ride on. Samantha sets up the appointment. SuSAG sends the Emperess Cilene. Slaughter and Karin go on ship to ride. The rest stay at home.
254-260 [jump]
261-262 WURZBURG
Lt. Ross shows Slaughter and Karin the air raft and assigns them a pilot. On the planet Slaughter contacts the Forbidden Circle, tells them the issue, and dumps Karin off on them. They agree to help and train her. Slaughter get’s back on the ship and leaves. Unexpectedly the Emperess Cilene mis-jumps and goes into a long jump.
—263-275 [mis-jump]
[ intervening time ]
Griff rides the grazer brought from Darkover a bit. Out and about he spies a ship near the secret base. Quickly determining it’s not there he calls Boomer and takes it on. Boomer and Diedre show up in an air-raft and is shot down and crash. Griff takes out the sensor on the turret and the ship leaves. Griff finds Diedre and Boomer and manages to get them back to the compound.
276-302 ZEPHYR
Emperess Cilene arrives and crashes. Slaughter finds a survivor, Ensign Miller, and rescues him. They move on and talk. A pack of neo-Grazers appear and Slaughter fights them off. He has a catalyst moment and alpha strike kills them. He heals Ensign Miller and him and they rest and explore and find out where they are – trapped on a red zone world. Explore some ruins and find a way to contact a nearby Scout base requesting help. They survive for a week or more, dealing with neo-grazers and the like. Ship shows up finally with an Inquisitor on it. Big fight ensues and Slaughter kills him. Him and Miller take ship and escape.
303-309 [jump]
310-311 HAZEL
Orbit around the planet and skim fuel and keep communications quiet.
312-318 [jump]
319-341 TRIN
Arrive, dock and abandon ship. Go to TAS and rest and heal there. Miller stays elsewhere. Slaughter contacts SuSAG and explains the need for a pickup. SuSAG sends a ship. The two relax and wait. Finally Capt. Arbiton and the ISS Fiery shows up and collects them. After a couple days refitting they leave and head for home.
342-348 [jump]
349-350 ROBIN
Orbit the gas giant, refuel, and take off.
351-357 [jump]
358-359 BENDOR
Orbit the gas giant, refuel, and take off.
360-002 [jump]
Just orbit the planet and refueled. SuSAG pays for it all.

The way things were (1)


All their younger adventures before took place before this. Then everyone “retired” and came to Glisten for their continuing lives . . .

146-149 GLISTEN
Encountered Terra, retired Belter and bagman for “the family” She wanted to leave the system and it didn’t matter where she went. Paid the crew to take her somewhere.
149-156 [jump]
156-159 NEW ROME
Sold some cargo and dropped off Terra. Met Mr Kelzar of SuSAG who hired the crew to steal a computer from Tukera Lines. Crew agreed to do it for 200,000CR, plus gas and fees.
159-166 [jump]
166-167 HOROSHO
Just refueled and orbited the planet.
167-174 [jump]
174-177 ROMAR
Spent 3 days finishing mission and avoiding danger. Refitted the ship for next trip.
—177-184 [mis-jump]
184-187 TALOS
Spent some time figuring out where they were and repairing minor damage to the ship. Met Dr. Jamison who introduced the crew to Dr. Frog and asked about the X-Gates. Dr. Frog offered to “rent” the ship and crew to experiment with his new “X-Drive”. Crew agrees and the ship is outfitted.
187-188 [x-jump]
188-189 TROY
Just refueled and orbited the planet.
189-192 [x-jump]
192-194 NEW ROME
Crew goes to SuSAG and meet Mr. Kelzar to turn over mission. Bull meets with Samantha. The crew gets paid and Mr. Kelzar asks about doing job on Wurzburg. The crew discuss it and turn it down. Bull goes out on a date with Samantha. Griff goes to talk with Mr. Kelzar and negotiates. The crew accepts the mission to Wurzburg. They buy some cargo and leave.
194-201 [jump]
201-203 HOROSHO
Just refueled and orbited the planet.
203-210 [jump]
210-220 WURZBURG
Arrive and spy huge Imperial Cruiser. Avoid it and sneak down to planet. Land at starport and do some recon for mission. Get a local Scout service map of planet and head off. Stop at Storn and there start to learn more about planet and the Imperial interest in it. Hook up with Louis Storn and meet his sister Lizana Storn plus her guard Tomas. Louis gives Studd Darrin as a Paxman, to guide them to Carthon, in Ridenow. Arrive in Carthon and prepare to head to Armida, in Alton.Boomer tries a cup of Dawn and is fired up. Darrin get’s some family badges for some cover. Ride to Armida in the cold. Encounter some Dry-Towners and fight. Camp and spy some Trailmen. Arrive at Armida and Darrin meets Regis Alton to sell him the captured horses and ransom necklace. They rest in Armida and then go to Thendara, capital city. Check for info there on the mission and Darrin disappears. Check around for more info and then discover the tale of the Forbidden Circle. They check for even more info and run into Lew Alton and go with him to talk to the Forbidden Circle. Introductions all around and the Forbidden Circle explains how the Comyn families Laran work in the planet’s history. The crew figure out what the Inperium probably wants with the mission and decide to gather some of the pollen instead and take it back. The whole group ride to Ardais and stay at the estate. They spend a day or so collecting the pollen. Boomer takes some and freaks, awakening his psychic powers. He get’s involved in a huge fight but the crew calms him down. The crew leave and go back to Thendara. Then they leave at night for Carthon. They can feel the Comyn “searching” for them all the way. They press on and finally come to Carthon and encounter resistance. Big fight and they ride off for Storn. Tear ass for Caer Donn and the ship. Get the fuck offworld. Avoid the Imperial Cruiser and jump.
220-227 [jump]
227-228 HOROSHO
Just refueled and orbited the planet.
228-235 [jump]
235-239 NEW ROME
Boomer shops and Slaughter meets up with Samantha. They speaks to Mr. Kelzar and give him the pollen and explain they could not complete the mission. He pays them 50,000CR. They decide to go home and set up their shop.
239-246 [jump]
246-288 GLISTEN
The crew return home for the first time since mustering out. They begin shopping online and buying things to outfit their home fully. They buy tons of stuff and explore their planetoid. Studd agrees to build a lake for Slaughter but discovers it will be rough because the planetoid doesn’t allow for modifications. He acquires some heavy equipment and get’s to it. Griff explores the planetoid and maps it out. Also the crew sets up a message beacon advertising their business, S&S Salvage. [Meanwhile, Boomer heads for his homeworld to talk to the doctors about modifying his robotics into a more useful setup. Also he notifies his family he will be home for a bit.]
288-292 Griff discovers trespassers on their planetoid and calls the rest of the crew around. Big fight and they kill them and confiscate their equipment. They wonder who they were and what they wanted, but they know they were searching for something. [Boomer arrives on Mora and visits with his family wile making an appointment with Dr. Yiktor at the Imperial Robotic Institute.]
292-316 The crew tries to search databases and do some recon to try and figure out what these trespassers wanted. Eventually they decide to try and search about like the trespassers were doing. Also, Studd finally finishes Slaughter’s lake and stocks it. [Boomer undergoes his modification surgery and spends some time recovering. His family visits.]
317-358 Slaughter is pleased with his lake. Studd sets out hiring a staff to tend to the place while they are gone but realizes he can only hire a Cook and a Maid. He finds both in a girl named Karin Rhise, who will work for 40,000CR a year. She will take some time to get to Glisten. Griff searches more of the planetoid and finishes his map of the place.[Boomer is released from the recovery/rehab ward and bids his family adieu. He catches a flight back to Glisten and arrives.]
358-364 Griff discovers a hatch set in a cliff on the backside of their planetoid. He calls for the rest of the crew and they decide to investigate it. They open door and enter, penetrating the planetoid’s defenses. Griff hurt on a forcefield. They descend, stopping to explore the habitat pods. Find lab at bottom and explore it. The stored power dies off and they climb down to try and restore it. Explore the power plant and encounter robots. Fight several off and finally find a way to restore one charged cell. Ride elevator up and out, then go back home to rest.
364-1 Clean up and rest. Decide to go to TAS New Years party. Call a limo and ride in style.

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